Renoir's 'Mother Nursing Her Child'(Aline and Pierre)
Renoir's "Mother Nursing Her Child"(Aline and Pierre)


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The heart of the family is the mother because life comes from her.

Onondaga saying

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Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) was the 6th of 7
children. Two of those children died in infancy. Renoir's
parents steered him away from a career as a singer
despite the recommendations of musicians who had
heard Renoir's voice. They decided on training as a
porcelain painter.

Mother Nursing Her Child was completed in 1886. Renoir's
wife Aline is nursing their son Pierre who had been born
the year before in 1985. During the summer of 1886, after
and invitation from Renoir, Cezanne's family joined them
for a visit. Pierre is 6 months old in the portrait and grew
up to become a successful actor.

Renoir's 'Aline et Pierre'
Aline and Pierre 2 years later.

Renoir's 'Aline Charigot'
Renoir's portrait of his wife Aline painted
the year before the birth of their first child
Pierre. Renoir kept this portrait with him
until his death some 4 years after Aline