Reflective Quotations on Parenting and Children

"Praise that rings true to children requires certain characteristics. It must focus on effort and accomplishment ("I noticed you studied really hard for your spelling test, and it paid off you did better than the one last week"). Never evaluate the self
("You're such a good boy/bad boy"), or you'll push your child further toward yet another aspect of the epidemic: slavish devotion to image. Be real and specific in your praise. Avoid full throttle pronouncements like, "You are the best helper in the
world." Perhaps try something like, "That was a good idea to sort the clean laundry by owner. Now we can put everyone's clothes away faster." Praise also has more impact if it's selective in terms of what is praised and conditional in terms of expecting a certain level of achievement. When it's unexpected, it becomes something really remarkable. In contrast, given too freely, it can produce a "praise junkie," a kid who expects to be complimented for everything, all the time

~ Robert Shaw MD The Epidemic: The Rot of American Culture, Absentee and Permissive Parenting, and the Resultant Plague of Joyless, Selfish Children


Its true children are like sponges, but we must provide the water.

~ Danielle Mantakoul, Early Child Consultant



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