Reflective Quotations on Parenting and Children
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You don't raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if its just in your own eyes.

Walter M. Schirra, Sr.


Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt.

Herbert Hoover


I have always felt that too much time was given before birth, which is spent learning things like how to breathe in and out with your husband  (I had my baby when they gave you a shot in the hip  and you didn't wake up until the kid was ready to start school), and not enough time given to how to mother after the baby is born.

Erma Bombeck


I once said in frustration to my wife about one of our children, `The Lord put Adam and Eve on the earth as full grown people. Why couldn't he have done that with this boy of ours?' Marie wisely replied, `God gave us that child to make Christians out of us.' That is an equal opportunity blessing for personal growth of both parents.

Bruce C Hapen "The Touch of Human Kindness - Motherhood and the Moral Influence of Women


If our young people do not participate and learn from our leaders, it is just a matter of time before the work that our elders have done is forgotten.

Luke Cordell, to United Nations, July 25, 2000 Dakota/Lakota


Every person is a child of two persons: his mouth resembles his mother's and his eyes his father's.

St Georgener Prediger


The first flavor to get into new barrels cannot be gotten out; it is not easy for a man to give up a habit to which he has been accustomed from youth.



Child are, or become, what they are taken to be by others, and what they come to take themselves to be, in the course of their social communication and interaction with others.

Marx Wartofsky, "Construction"


Children become what the culture expects them to become. Culture cultures children.

James A Schultz, The Knowledge of Childhood in the German Middle Ages, 1100-1350


In ignorance, abstain



What distinguishes a human being from a computer? The ability to add up numbers? The ability to understand language? The ability to be logical? It is, of course, none of the above. It is the ability to play. Computers cannot have fun. They cannot fantasize. They cannot dream, they cannot experience emotion or summon intuition. These rare, precious qualities come naturally to every child on this earth yet they tend to be seen, by well meaning adults, as faults, foibles and failings. In pushing tiny toddlers to 'perform', we rob them of the ability to imagine.

Jonathan Cainer



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