Child of Mine


In my arms you're mine.
Your love and devotion are sure things.
That you need me is obvious....

But Oh, I need you!
the warm and soft,
the flesh that gives,
downy head
fluttery eyes
delicate fingers.

This sweet moment is too soon gone,
and gone for good...
With one ahead of you in time
And dozens around you, out there to see,
I know you will grow far too soon.

Oh! Memorize this my arms!
Capture her my eyes!
My breast where she lays!

My heart aches that this moment is for once,
and only once.

I will breath you in deeply
and tuck you in closely
And try and try
To keep this fresh in my mind's cage of thoughts.
Because you are so precious, Child of mine.

2much2luv of the MotheringDotCommune Forums