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When a child walks down the road, a company of angels goes before him proclaiming, "Make way for the image of the Holy One."

Hasidic Saying


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Eratus Dow Palmer (1817-1904) American sculptor who
began as a carpenter but at the age of 29 began carving
cameos. A few years later he had established himself as
a sculptor. Over his career he often sculpted young children

One of his sons, Walter Launt Palmer, also became a well-
known artist.

"Infant Flora" was completed in 1857. This is a more
accomplished peice of a series of busts of his daughter,
Rebecca Knower Palmer (1852-1931). It is in marble

and was made when his daughter was 4 years of age.
It was first made in clay the year before. Before his
sculptures of his third daughter, he had worked a bust
out of marble of the likeness of his second daughter,
Francis Breese Palmer (1848-1929).

Frances Wood, writing about her 4 year old daughter in her
journal in 1841 stated, "She asked me yesterday whether
when chimney sweeps die they become, 'black angels?' She
also asked, "If God has not a great many pieces of people
ready to make up into whole people?" ... on hearing a story

about two men who were drowned she said, "Well, Mama,
God cannot catch their souls, for they are at the bottom of
the sea!"