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Please wait for image to load. Squirrels, Mommy and Baby by 'The Mug'

Please email us with submissions by clicking "Contact" below.
Your email address will be kept private to be used only if we
are contacted about the work. If you prefer we''ll delete your
email address. Please include any text you would like included
in the body of the email with the picture(s) as an attachment.
You hold the the copyright etc.. We are just displaying the work.

Thank you

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Painter's Biography with nickname or pen-name or all
names, current and future interests, parents, life
situation, siblings, house, locale, setting whatever
you like or nothing.

Example: ''____________" is considering a career as a doctor
but currently is studying painting, fashion uses for mud and voice
training (screaming). Living in the country allows the Mug to enjoy
bugs. She retired from her post as the house's lactation expert
some years ago and is now studying martial arts to protect herself
from her older sibs.

Title of painting and anything about the painting
you want to include.

Example: 'Squirrels, Mommy and Baby,' crayons on paper
completed in 2001. One of a set of several works completed
in an hour or so.

Photo or Self-Portrait (painter or family)
with text such as "Informal rendering of the painter
at leisure from a few years ago"