Zona Pellucida comes from the Latin for clear zone. It can be seen in the image to the left as the structure that rings the two cells of the embryo within it. It's seen as a ring in the images but is of course a sphere

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Portrait of site designer by his niece Roxy

To inspire parenting through art, literature and stories.  
To encourage thought and consideration on issues in childrearing.

The site is divided into several sections:

Children in Art:   Hundreds of Fine Art Portraits of Children
Children in Literature:   Short stories, poetry, plays, and novels
Quotes on Children:   Quotations on children, parenting & grandparenting.
Children's Art:  Children's paintings and other works.
Books on Children: Short synopses of the messages in books about children.


Site Design

   This is a non-commercial, not-for-profit site. All links to other sites do not make money for the site. The dot.com ending in zona-pellucida.com stems from a belief that the business of America should be its children not business as President Coolidge asserted and that a good company, a dot.com, should be an enterprise that fosters children.

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