Inspirational Quotations on Parenting and Children

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The time will come in which the child will be looked upon as holy, even when the parents themselves have approached the mystery of life with profane feelings; a time in which all motherhood will be looked upon as holy, if it is caused by a deep emotion of love, and if it has called forth deep feelings of duty.

Ellen Key, The Century of the Child


No sweeter, holier sound to heaven can float
Than childhood's laughter, or the free bird's note

Guy de Maupassant


I learned long ago that middle class single parenthood life seldom provides dramatic opportunities for excitement and adventure, so my philosophy is: Find the magic in the mundane. There is some to be found every day if you look for it. Children have a direct line to Magic Central. I just have to listen to my daughter when I need a dose.

Lauri Tellier


Practice listening. Practice YOU questions. Practice the use of conversation to help a child grow in self-worth and confidence.

Martha Bullock


...the moment I decided to follow instead of lead, I discovered the joys of becoming part of a small child's world.

Janet Gonzalez-Mena


Our children offer us immortality, we offer our children a place to belong.

The Yakama Indian Nation Cultural Center


Children need limits with independence, roots, and wings.

Thomas Lickona


Our future generations--when they look back on this--what will they say that we have done for them, and will it be honorable?

Jackie Warledo


We must learn to cherish each child from birth on and to honor and support every nurturer of children. Not to do so has become suicidal for the species. We can no longer afford to resist knowing what is involved in nurturing all children. We know that we can repair, resolve, and heal our deepest wounds so that we will not pass them on to our children. Knowledge of the processes involved in the emotional life of caregivers can lead us to the problem solving we so urgently need, transforming destructive tendencies and distortions into positive ways of caring for ourselves and the world.

Jane Swigart


The sound of children at play is the closest thing to God's own voice we shall ever hear.

Bill Geiss


The truth is that I am enslaved…. in one vast love affair with 70 children.

Sylvia Ashton-Warner: On life of a teacher


Children are like sponges; they absorb all your strength and leave you limp... But give them a squeeze and you get it all back.

Ann Van Tassells Lincoln Lines


Loving our children is not making life easy for them but helping them through their hurts. Father and Mother were law, light and love to us.

W. S. Rainsford


A baby is born with the need to be loved-- and never outgrows it. Children are God's apostles, day by day sent forth to preach of love and hope and peace.

James Russell Lowell


It's children that pull us toward love and everyday business that pushes us away.



When I approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments: tenderness for what he is, and respect for what he may become.

Louis Pasteur


Children's children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.

Prov. 17:6

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