Quotations on the Importance of Children
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Children of the world. Future flowers, now seeds. Some hand-raised, nourished in love-richened ground. Others, tossed carelessly on the coldest concrete, struggling beneath Darwin's dispassionate sunlight.

Each unique, snowflake-individualized. And all the same.

Our race. The human race. One color—many shades. Treasures to some, toys to others. Some will reach the stars—some will stalk the shadows.

What children are, more than anything else, is this: another chance for our flawed species to get it right.

Andrew Vachss, Parade Magazine, June 16, 1991


That's everything, Bill. That's everything. At our age what have we got except a legacy for our children and grandchildren. I want to be able to look at them and say, "I did the best I could." And that's all anybody can do.

    We are now like no other mammal that has ever existed. And it's time for us to sit back and start saying, "Wait a minute. Now, yes, we've got a very productive economy. But what are we doing in terms of our grandchildren and their grandchildren?"

    I thought that the responsibility of every generation was to receive the earth from our ancestors and to pass it on to future generations as we receive that. This hasn't been going on for many generations now.

Bill Moyers Interviews David Suzuki


I believe we need ...better towns, where there is less focus on achievement and more focus on relationships and community, where organized sports don't exist until children are at least eight, where schools actually teach the whole child, where parents believe in their children and let them play, where we are able to rediscover a more caring and giving set of values. Wouldn't you like to live in such a town? I know your children would.

Dr. Kalman Heller


I care more for that long age which I shall never see than for 
my own small share of time.





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