Henri's 'Ira Glackens'
Henri's "Ira Glackens"

The following is a copy of a letter from Mr. Ira Glackens to Sheldon Gallery at the time the portrait was presented as a gift to the gallery:

6 April 1989

Dear Mr. Neubert:

Carol Pesner of Kraushaar Galleries has sent me your letter of March 10 about Robert Henri's portrait of me. I am delighted that it will be given a warm welcome at Lincoln, and it will be forwarded to you as soon as I can get it photographed for tax deduction appraisal.

Though I was just under 4 years old when it was painted I remember posing. I was terrified of the dizzy height of the model stand--I felt as if I were on top of the Eifel [sic]Tower! Marjorie Henri tried to sooth me with pink ice cream. I was too young to explain my fears, and the Henris and mother were too old to understand my terrors!

Thus the portrait suffered. I do not nor ever did have a rose-bud mouth!

Yours sincerely.  Ira Glackens

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