William-Adolph Bouguereau (1825-1905)

     French artist who painted over 700 works during his career. With his wife, Marie-Nelly Monchablon, he had three sons and two daughters. All three sons died. One, Georges, at the age of 16 and another, Adolphe-Paul, reportedly died of Tuberculosis when 30. His third son, William-Maurice, died in his infancy shortly before his mother also succumbed. One daughter, Jeanne-Léontine, also died while just an infant.

Going to the Well

Childhood Idyll

Crown of Flowers

Little Girl Holding Apples

Child at Bath

Little Beggar Girls

The Little Shepherdess

By the Edge of a Stream


The Shell


Little Marauders

Pause for Thought Mother and Child Mother and Child


The Pet Bird



Song of Angels

Grappe de Raisin

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