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William Allignham, the painter's husband and a well known Irish poet, wrote poetry concerning childhood as in a poem called Boyhood.

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The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely
things. ~ Plato

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Helen Allingham (1848-1926) British watercolor artist who
lost her father and a sister to a diphtheria epidemic when she
was 13 years old. When 18 years old she was accepted into
the Royal Academy but left the school later to become a
commercial artist for a weekly magazine, 'The Graphic.' She
married William Allingham, a famous Irish poet, in 1874. Their
first son, Gerald Carlyle, was named after a close family friend
the renowned philosopher Thomas Carlyle. A daughter, Eva
Margaret or "Evey" born in 1877 was succeeded by her last
child, Henry William, in 1882. Later she moved to the country-
side outside London where she staid just in advance of the
machinery that was cutting a path for the railroad through
the countryside taking cottages and countryside with it as
she endeavored to immortalize the beauty soon to fall to
the wrecking ball.

In early modern England many teenagers were sent from home
to schools, apprenticeships and agricultural labor. Some
historians feel this was done out of indifference by the parents
but most feel it was done so that the children could gain a
skill they could use throughout their lives. Parents sometimes
sued masters who abused their children and often continued
to send money and other assistance to their children after

they had left home.

Minna; John Ruskin, the most celebrated art critic of all time,
said of the author's work that she, "represented the gesture,
character and humor of charming children in country landscapes."

Henry and Evey

William Allingham