A portrait of a child thinking. It is placed on this page to accent that philosophers, while exploring the meaning of life, work with disciples and students. That working with students, their actual daily engagement with the young, portrays the meaning of life not what the philosophers say and write.Bouguereau's "Pause for Thought"

Philosophy asks why we are here; the meaning of life. Many cartoons and descriptions depict someone at the top of the mountain seeking the meaning of life from the master ruminating at the top. The master has a reply to the disciple's question but it does not reveal the meaning of live. Nevertheless, the entire scenario does. The scene presents a disciple seeking knowledge from the master, youth seeking wisdom from

the aged, in essence child and parent. That students and children seek and need consel from their elders is the point, not the specific answers that might be given.

    Each of us is here because we had a parent and the human beings that succeed us will be here because they had a parent. Keeping it simple, we are here because we are born. Whatever meaning the previous generations thought their lives had or did not have, the direct result, the tangible manifestation of there lives is a generation of living, thinking, feeling, breathing, human beings. There's no need to consider the meaning of life; there's a direct effect or meaning visible everywhere... almost. You'd need to be  a philosopher alone on a mountaintop to be ruminating on the meaning of life in order to miss it.

    And those philosophers are divided into various types often referred to as schools; this school and that school of philosophy and in earlier times the philosophers of the day had schools with students. Again the meaning of life is in the fact they had a school not in what each different school taught. Does not the master seek disciples and vica versa? "What is the meaning of life," is the wrong question. The question is how to give as much meaning as possible to the young, the purpose of life.

   Another question, "How did I get here?"  provides insight into the meaning of life. You got here via your parents and that is a clue as to why you, in turn, are here. You are here so that other may also be here, as an essential link in a chain generations that extends into the past and hopefully far into the future. Today is the first day of the rest of your life the saying goes. We, the generation in our maturity are raising the next generation, the next generation in the history of mankind. Our today as a generation is the first day of the rest of the life of man and that life starts with our children. Our effect, whatever we think our purpose is, will be alive in our children as they become adults. The software, art, technology, machines, homes, contracts and treaties we work on creating today are but useless forms, empty hulls without the children of tomorrow. Our children are the future; they will shape it, use some of what we leave, experience it and create a generation of children of their own.

The children should be our philosophy; our purpose.


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