Quotations on Mothering and Grandmothering
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We know that birth takes a woman from one place in her life to another. The birth of a child certainly does change her viewpoint of herself and I believe her viewpoint of the world.

We know that birth impacts the woman personally, her support system, her family, and also the community. I believe that it affects the community. I also believe that if we help women through the process of pregnancy and birth, through the process of self discovery that is part of the pregnancy and birth process; if we can help them come to a point of empowerment during the pregnancy, then they can find those things that they need in order to be good mothers and therefore, that's always good for our communities.

Indeed, the slogan is "midwives changing the world one baby at a time" and I believe that when we help women, when we help them to come to that sense of empowerment and that sense of a new self-definition, we are impacting the future, one baby at a time.

Sameerah Shareef


We try to give a birthing woman freedom to find the right position for her own needs and comfort. Unfortunately, in our society we think of birthing as something done while lying down.

Michel Odent


If you lay down, the baby will never come out!

Native American Saying


Primitive self-expression, including making noise and losing control, are a natural part of birth (and "looking good" isn't).

Pam Englan and Rob Horowitz


300,000 women will be giving birth with you today. Relax and breathe and do nothing else. Labor is hard work, it hurts and you can do it. The way I teach women to breathe in awareness and slowly is: breathe in through your nose and out through your toes. The same movements that get the baby in, get the baby out.

Pam Englan and Rob Horowitz


...one's sister is a part of one's essential self, an eternal presence of one's heart and soul and memory.

Susan Cahill


There you have it. You see, they were Mothers, not in our sense of helpless involuntary fecundity, forced to fill and overfill the land, every land, and then see their children suffer, sin, and die, fighting horribly with one another; but in the sense of Conscious Makers of People. Mother-love with them was not a brute passion, a mere "instinct," a wholly personal feeling; it was--a religion.

Charlotte Perkins Gillman from "Herland"


...Women who cannot bear to be separated from their pet dogs send their children to boarding schools cheerfully.

George Bernard Shaw


I opine . . . "Judicious mothers will always keep in mind, that they are the first book read, and the last put aside, in every child's library."

C. Lenox Remond (1810-1873) The Mind of the Negro As Reflected in Letters Written During the Crisis, 1800-1860 [1926]


I believe I should have been swept away by the flood of French infidelity, if it had not been for one thing, the remembrance of the time when my sainted mother used to make me kneel by her side, taking my little hands in hers, and caused me to repeat the Lord's Prayer.

John Randolph (1773-1833)


Men are what their mothers made them.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) The Conduct of Life (1860), "Wealth"


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